MERVUE EQUINE Leinster Summer Tour 2019

10 Apr MERVUE EQUINE Leinster Summer Tour 2019

sponsored by Mervue Equine and Leinster Region of SJI

Leader Board for Mervue Equine Leinster Summer Tour 1.35 going into Barnadown

2000 euro prize fund 1000 euro runner up
1.35 H & RTotal
Cruiserath FlexiannaEddie Moloney34
HTM BlackrockJohn Floody26
QuandurinaPatrick Hickey20
Brandonview First EditionPaul Carberry19
Mr RockerfellowVincent Byrne14
ClarabelleFrancis Connors14
Fanta MTadhg Kearney(YR)14
Seerin SurprisePaddy O’Donnell12
GanarodSven Hadley10
Boleybawn ActorKevin Gallagher)YR)10
Capital CruisFrancis Connors10
Cruising LuxJonathon Smith10
BML Cosmopolitin DandyDeckin McEvoy10
Leading Rider 1.35 500 euro Prize Fund to winnerTotal
Eddie Moloney34
Jonh  Floody26
Paul Carberry26
Francis Connors24
Patrick Hickey20
Sven Hadley14
Tadhg Kearney14
Vincent Byrne14
Kevin Gallagher13
Paddy O Donnell12
Jonathon Smith10

Leading Young Rider- Ballywater Farms Bursary

QuanlurinaPatrick Hickey20
Fanta MTadhg Kearney(YR)14
Boleybawn ActorKevin Gallagher10
Cavalier TeachaJack Ryan8

Leading Pro am Rider

Bursary fo Ian FearonPro am 1.35Total
BML Cosmopolitin DandyDeckin McEvoy13
BML AuthenticDeirdre Doyle2
Sir Charlie BrownJulie O Sullivan Gallagher1
Bridgeman Olympic StarOrla Cassidy1

Queries about any points on the Leader Boards, please email maureen,[email protected]. No queries after the declarations on Thursday are closed. Points and a half on offer for the final at Barnadown.


A very big thank you to all our sponsors a big thank you- Mervue Equine, Leinster Region of Showjumping, Ballywater Farms and Ian Fearon.


Mervue Equine 1.10 & 1.20 Final leg at Leinster Championships on Sun.15th Sept.

Results of the Mullingar legs of the Mervue Equine Leinster Summer Tours 3/8/19

1.10cm Small Tour
1)Jardina van de Moeren/Aoife Healian 00 31.00
2)Castlelawn Splendid/Antonette Burns 00 33.20
3)Bishopcourt/Eoghan Murphy 00 34.46
4)Hello Miss Moneypenny/Lisa Gerbola Bushway 00 35.21
5)Saunders Beachball Cruise/Jonnie Ftzpatrick 0035.36
6)Imora/Domnic Curley 00 37.74
7)Billy Murphy/Shane Goggins 00 37.88
8)Lisboy Emerald/Cora Sharkey 00 38.07

Top Pro am –
Top Young Rider –

Results from Adamstown so far

Mervue Equine Leinster Summer Tour 1.35cm

                                              At Adamstown 6/7/19

Vincent Byrne on Mr Rockerfellow with his groom(Best Turned out) and Taylor Vard representing Mervue Equine Leinster Summer Tour

1.            Mr Rockeller/Vincent Byrne 00 34.73
2.            Cavalier Teacha/ Jack Ryan 00 34.99
3.            Ap des Champs/Jain Higgins 00 43.82
4.            Seerin Surprise/Paddy O Donnell 04 34.56
5.            Koniro D/Philip Carey 0443.92
6.            The Best of Dancer/Paddy O’Donnell 0 22 64.13
7.            BML Cosmopoliton Dancer/Decklin McEvoy  0-
8.            Mr Clinton/Madeline Gervaise 1/

Jack Ryan on the inform Mr Rockerfellow winner of Young Riders section of Mervue Equine LST at Adamstown(2nd in Class) presented by the Wexford Rose
Declin McEvoy winner of the Top Pro am in Mervue Equine LST at Adamstown

Best Turned Out – Mr Rockerfellor
Top Pro am – Declin McEvoy
Top Young Rider – Jack Ryan

Results of Mervue Equine LST Small Tour 1.10cm at Adamstown

Winner of Mervue Equine LST 1.10cm Ruari Alyward being presented with his goodies by Taylor Vard High Performance Coach and Rider.

Sara Gorman winner of the Pro am Prize at Mervue Equine LST 1.10 at Adamstown Show Society Show

Result of the 1.10cm Mervue Equine LST Small Tour

                                              At Adamstown 6/7/19

1.            Bendivo/Ruairi  Alyward 00 35.20

2.            Take a Gamble/Sara Gorman(Pro am) 00 37.12

3.            Freeport Flyer/Madbh Byrne(YR) 00 37.26

4.            Cidam K/Ellen Murphy 00 37.72

5.            MHS I’m the One/Jack Brennan(YR) 00 39.85

6.            Horeware Kimmar night/Lorraine McGuinness 00 41.19

Winner Ruair Alyward
Pro am Sara Gorman
Young Rider  Ruairi Alyward

Results of 1.20 Mervue Equine Small Tour will be posted as soon as they are in

Flavour of Fingal 2019 Winner

John Floody winner of Mervue Equine at Flavour of Fingal 2019

 Ground conditions at Adamstown Show this Saturday are perfect(well watered))
Start list for Mervue Equine LST

Next leg of the Tour will run at Bannow Rathangan on Thursday next 11th July and 1.35 Mervue LST Summer Tour is pre entry with SJI.
Jag Equestrian will run another leg of the Tour on Sat 13th July with pre entry for 1.35.

Pro am list for Adamstown

Sara Gorman
Andrew Byrne
Michael O Neill
David Costello
Lauren Haire
Darragh Killoran
Lisa Doyle
Shaughagh Thompson
Marie Hartley
Deirdre Doyle
Brian Cassidy
Orla Cassidy
Aileen McDermott
Paul Murphy
Julie O Sullivan Gallagher
Tracy Walsh
Declin McEvoy
Lisa Doyle
Lisa Daly

This list will be extended each week as long as riders declare their intentions to jum Pro am by email or mob, text on Thursday before the next leg of the Tour.

A rider once on this list is eligible for Pro am prizes in either of the three Tours(1-10, 1-20 & 1.35) for the rest of the Tour.

The Very best of luck to all competitors

Adamstown Show Society are running a great schedule in Showjumping this week end(Sat.6th) catering for all levels of Showjumping from tiny tots to the open jumping.

Mervue Equine Leinster Summer Tours will add an additional edge to the competition in the main arena. There is no place like a green field to jump your pony or horse on a sunny summers day with the local community out to support and enjoy the sport you love.

There is a great buzz around the three competitions with riders enjoying the fun of real rivalry in the 1.10 and 1.20 Mervue Equine Small Tours.The products presented by Mervue at each leg of the tour are coveted by all competitors and shows how highly regarded they are with all the competitors.

Entries to the SJI for 1.35 Mervue Equine Summer Tour by 4pm on this Thurs 4th July.

nb Please note that Cooney Furlong 1.10cm is part of the Mervue Equine LST. at Adamstown Show

Mervue Equine Leinster Leader Board 1.35cm so far after Flavour of Fingal Show

!.35 H & RBarnadownBallivorCoilogFlavour of FingalTotal
HTM BlackrockJohn Floody81018
Cruiserath FlexiannaEddie Moloney81018
Boleybawn ActorKevin Gallagher)YR)1010
Cruising LuxJonathon Smith1010
Donovan ErikindaleJohn Floody189
ClarabelleFrancis Connors268
Brandonview First EditionPaul Carberry639
Fanta MTadhg Kearney(YR)88
BML Cosmopolitin DandyDeckin McEvoy3328
FlexibiltyKevin Gallagher(YR)336
Cosimo Il PrimoOisin Alywarcd66
ChantelleStephen Murphy66

Mervue Equine LST 1.20cm

Mervue Equine LST Small Tour(1.20)BarnadownBalivorCoilogFlavour of FingalTotal
Shanagore LuckyAdam Caery66
ogue Balinasilogue LadyTaylor Vard246
Cranny WestPaul Carberry66
AvalentOlivia Roulston66
Zavatar FJack Ryan(YR)66
Colloo ColinJonathon Smith55
Artic LodgeOrla Cassidy55
Balumba ZCharles O Reilly Hyland55
Brandenview First EditionPaul Carberry55
EnigmaCharles O Reilly Hyland44
MerantiGerald Clarke44
Bridgemans Olympc StarOrla Cassidy44

Mervue Equine LST 1.10cm

BarnadownBolivorCoilogFlavor of FingalTotal
Scarthill VivendiMarie Hartley4610
Zara Van TerhofstedeKirsti Connoll66
Amber BalouAileen McDermot66
Take a GambleSara Gorman66
SandballonEmily Moloney55
Corlands ClipperLisa Doyle55
Looks EasyBrian Cassidy55
Clashgannon«s Winning LegacyJade Lawlor55
Coco BellaJenny O Connor44
Sunnyside BoyDarragh McMahon44
Freepark FlyerMeabh Byrne44

List of the Pro am Riders declared for the Mervue Equine LST going into Adamstown 2019
Sara Gorman
Andrew Byrne
Michael O’Neill
David Costello
Lauren Haire
Darragh Killoran
Lisa Doyle
Shaunagh thompson
Marie Hartley
Deirdre Doyle
Brian Cassidy
Aileen McDermott
Paul Murphy
Julie O’Sullivan Gallagher
Tracy Walsh
Declin McEvoy
Orla Cassidy
Lisa Doyle
Lisa Dolly
This list will be extended each week as long as riders declare their intention to jump Pro am by email or text on Thursday or prior to close of entries with SJI fr the show involved. [email protected] or 0872635732

A rider once on this list is eligible for Pro am prizes at anyother legs of the Tour.

Wishing all riders competing in this Tour the very best of luck and have a great time.

Once again, We wish to thank Mervue Equine and the Leinster Showjumping Committee a big thank for their continued support of the Leinster Summer Tour. Please give Mervue products a try in your local Equestrian Stores. They are Irish, Excellent and wish to support Showjumping in Ireland.

The next leg of the Tour is at Bannow Rathangan and entries for 1.35 speed is pre entry with SJI.

This notice was ommitted from the schedule and 1.10cm ( Event 22) and 1.20cm(Event 23) are part of the Mervue Equine Leinster Summer Tour.

Jag Equestrian will follow this on Saturday 13th with all three Mervue Equine classes held in the Main arena. Event 3 is pre entry with SJI by 4 pm on Thursday 11th July.

Barnadown 11th May
Bolivor            9th June
Coilog 22nd June
Flavour of Fingal 30th June
Adamstown        6th July
Bannow Rathangan 11th   July
Jag Equestrian            13th July
Tattersalls 21st  July
Mullingar 3rd Aug
Iverk/Piltown 24th Aug
IBC(1.35) 29th Aug/1st Sept(Final leg)
Leinster Championship (1.10/1.20) 15th Sept X(Final legs)
kindly sponsored by Mervue Equine & the Leinster Region of Showjumping                                   
Supported by Bertram Allen and Ian Fearon

Please note-The Final leg of the Mervue Equine Leinster Summer Tour 1.35cm will be held at Barnadown on Friday of the Breeders Classic  There will be no legs of the Small Tour at the Breeders Classic

NB Please note that the final leg of the Mervue Equine Leinster 1.10 & 1.20 Small Tour will be held at the Leinster Showjumping Championships on Sun. 15th Sept.. 

Mervue Equine Leinster Summer Tour 2019 Rules(1.35)

Comp 1.35cm run under Art.238.2.2 (special occasion 274.52/238,1,1 TA)

1)Nat GP Rules re course designers, judges, starters etc.

2)€2000 Prize Fund for each leg of the Tour (1.35)  Entry fee not more than 45 euro per entry. Prizes 1st – 8th. Points 1st -10th.3) Pre entry to SJI Office by 4pm on Thursday prior to show(1.35) 10 euro deposit per entry non-refundable.

4)Riders may ride 4 horses in each leg.Change of horse or rider permitted as per Nat G P rules.

5)Points allocated in the Tour as per National Grand Prix, 10,8,7,6,5,4,3,2 ,1,1

6)Top 8 legs will count for points.

7)At Final Leg –Points and a half on offer for the last leg of the Tour in IBC
8). NB -Rule pertaining to Leinster Summer Tour – a rider may enter 1 horse in the class at the show with a penalty fee of €10 on top of entry fee.  Late entry must jump first.
 No exceptions to the rule.  This will not be permitted in the final leg.

9).Special rules for Flavour of Fingal Show – Pre-entry for all classes at this show. No late entry

General rules for all 3 Tours
NB All three classes must be run on the same day at a 2/3 day show.
with the exception of the Barnadown May Show.
As a courtesy to the Sponsors of the Tour, winners of the tour must be present to accept their prizes at the last leg of the Tour.
 Any queries regarding the tours should be addressed to the  Maureen at 0872635732 or Taylor at  0862603002 before the final.  No queries will be answered on the day unless about the final leg
Leading Rider in 1.35- As per National GP, Riders will get their first points only in each leg.
Horse/Rider Combination – points will be allotted to 1st -10th place at each leg
Horse/Rider Combination1.10/1.20 Tour –Points for 1st -6th.  Points and a half on offer for the last leg of the Small Tours.
  All Tours -Please note that it is the responsibility of the agent/owner/rider to keep a record of their points .All queries must be dealt with by email before the final leg of the tour .  No queries re leader board will be dealt with at the final leg.
  Definition of a Pro am-rider for this Tour –

Pro am -is an athlete, whether riding competitively or for recreation, show jumps for the challenge it presents, not as a profession or for financial gain. • A Pro/Am’s horse must be owned by themselves or an immediate family member. (I.E. A parent or sibling)
• All riders wishing to take part in the Pro/Am section must declare before entries on Thursday with [email protected] . Once on the list, a rider will remain in this section for the 2019 series. Email  Pro am – Placings will be taken from 1st -10th  in 1.35 class and  1st -6th in 1.10 & 1.20 with an additional bonus for the top placed rider/horse on the day of 3 points.

Young Riders (1.35)– YR Points will be taken from their placing in the overall class 1st – 10th (SJI).  No points given if they are not placed in the class on the day, but the prize on the day will go to the highest YR in the class. Tickets must be clearly marked YR either by rider or SJI. YR 1.10/1.20 points for top 1-6th place on day.

Rules for 1.1071.20 Small Tours
1) 1.10cm and 1.20cm
2) article 274.5.2 and in final it may be run under Art 238.2.2
3) Prize Fund of 500 euro for each leg.
4)Prizes 1st -6th. Points as per SJI class
5)Top 8 leg will count .  Points and a half on offer for final leg. Points to Horse/rider combination.
6) If there is an equal winning combination, the last leg best result will count to determine the winner etc.

sponsors a Training Bursary for a weeks training with Bertram Allen in Germany


Rug to the winner.

Mervue Equine Products to 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Rosettes to 1st – 8th, Best Turned Out, Top Pro-am, Top Young Rider.

Top Young Rider will receive Mervue Equine Products or Rug

Top Pro-am Rider will receive Mervue Equine Products or rug *see rules for Pro-am


Winning  Combination of the Tour – 2000 euro,  Sash, Rug
Runner Up  Combination– 1000 euro, rug
Winning Rider – 500 Rug
Top Young Rider – Rug, Sash plus exclusive Training Bursary with International Athlete, Bertram Allan at his yard in Germany.
Top Pro am  – Rug, Sash, Training Bursary with High Performance Coach, Ian Fearon  plus

Mervue Equine LST 1.10 &1.20 Summer Tour – each leg – 500 euros

Winner gets rug, rosette and Mervue Products

Top Young Rider gets rosette and Mervue Products

Top Pro am gets rosette and Mervue Products

Mervue Equine LST 1.20cm Final

Winner gets 1500 euro, Mervue Products, Sash,  rug, rosette
Runner Up – 500 euro, Mervue Products,  Rosette
Winner – Young Rider gets 250, Mervue Equine Products, Rosette,
Winner – Pro am gets 250, Mervue Products, Rosette,

Mervue Equine LST 1.1ocm Final
Winner of 1.10cm L.S. Tour -750 euro, Sash,  Mervue Equine Products, rug, rosette
Runner Up – 250 rosette and Mervue Equine Products
Pro am – , Mervue Products, Rosette 250 euro
Young Rider- , Mervue Equine Products, Rosette 250 euro.