Leinster riders secured four champions on the opening day of the RDS

25 Aug Leinster riders secured four champions on the opening day of the RDS

Leinster Pony and Children on Horses riders picked up four Championships at the RDS National Equestrian Championships.

Last weekend proved to be a popular one for them as they returned to the RDS, albeit in for a different type of event. The Championship saw the crème de la crème battle it out for a coveted title. This year, all riders got their chance to jump in the main arena in the RDS over a course designed by renowned international course designer Alan Wade.

📌148cmPony riders were first to battle it out on Friday morning and Leinster riders did not disappoint as they took home three championships in the pony division. Taking the 148cm crown was Martha Hughes Bravo and HHS Mustang Sally when they delivered a double clear in 36.08. Kilkenny riders dominated this line up , Emily Moloney taking third place when she kept all the poles in place with Castlehill Titan in 37.94. Chloe Hughes Kennedy and Still Got Me took fourth when they were fastest of the four faulters in 32.10 for fourth, ahead of James Brennan and MHS Glow, who also had one down in 34.73. Athlone’s James Derwin took sixth place with Rincoola Babog, when he incurred four faults in 37.38.

138cm Kilkenny struck again as Iseult Fleming and Coppenagh Celtic Rebel took the 138cm Championship when clear in 35.53. Wexford’s Lauren Adams filled the runner-up spot when clear in 35.62 with Riot Del Pegulil. James Derwin was back in the ribbons, take fifth with Ruby Brown, eight faults in 46.05

.📌128cm Crowned National Pony Showjumping Champion the week before, Ruben Foley added to his titles when he took the 128cm Championship with The Silver Legend, when clear in 32.04. Further down the line in fifth place was Pippa Caroll and The Nut Cracker, four faults in 38.70

.📌148cm 6 & 7 year old Leinster riders also featured in this line-up, withMathhew Farrell and Maifield Another Sunrise, proving out of luck when he faulted at the double and a time of 35.61 for third place. Sadhbh Cuff and Dunard Cavalexa took fourth place when they incurred four faults in 36.01, ahead of Anna White and Tankardstown Dreamer, four faults in 37.07

.📌Children on Horses Winner of the Children on Horses was Wexford’s Annie Boland. Riding Kahula Du karl, she lodged the winning round of clear in 38.26. Kilkenny’s Abbie Oakey and Cinnickroodnoot took the runner-up spot when they delivered the only other clear in 38.56. Fourth place belonged to fellow Kilkenny rider, Alice Moloney and Cosima when they incurred four faults in 38.03. Kilkenny featured once again as Heather Bryne took sixth place with Golden Puissance, when they had a pole on the ground in 43.01.