Glencarraig lady league venue update 2021

29 Jun Glencarraig lady league venue update 2021

5th June- Coilog 7th June -postponed13th June- butterfly farm17th June- Wexford Eq @ 5 pm start(thuc)19th June- Coilog Eq20th June- Jag Eq20th June-Butterfly farm24th June@ 5 pm start. Wexford Eq ( thurs)26th June- Barnadown27th June-Butterfly1st July-Wexford eq@5 pm(thurs)3rd July- Coilog3rd July- warrington4th July- Mullingar eq( stand alone)4th July- Jag Eq10th July-Barnadown11th July-Inistogue17th July- Coilog17th July-Barnadown 18th July-Jag Eq24th-Barnadown 25th July- Coilog( stand alone show)31st-Barnadown 31st-Warrington7th Aug- Warrington14 th- Warrington

Entries on SJI LIVEPlease note that GLL qualifiers – other shows may be added to this list.

Warrington and Jag have been added