SJI Vetting Requirements

29 Jan SJI Vetting Requirements

SJI Vetting Requirements

Under the National Vetting Bureau Acts 2012 to 2016 any individual who has ongoing contact with our young members (under 18) or vulnerable persons in the provision of our activities (*relevant work) will be required to complete the vetting process.

*Relevant Work under the National Vetting Bureau Act is defined as “any work or activity which consists of the provision of educational, training, leisure, social or physical activities (whether or not for commercial or any other consideration) to children or vulnerable persons.  [2012 Act – Sch 1, part 1, (5) & Sch 1, part 2, (4)] 

If you are officiating in any role within SJI activities that fall under the remit of relevant work as outlined above, you cannot put yourself forward to work with children or vulnerable adults before successfully completing the Garda Vetting process.

Additionally, it is the responsibility of those requesting an individual to carry out a role involving our young members or vulnerable persons to ensure that the vetting procedure and the general recruitment procedures are implemented.

Click to download the eVetting Invitation For and ID Verification Form

For further information on the vetting process, or to complete a vetting application, please contact Horse Sport Ireland
Contact: Ciara Gorman
Tel: 045 854 524