Rules for the Glencarraig Lady League 2015

28 Apr Rules for the Glencarraig Lady League 2015


Riders must be under 9 years on 1st January 2015

Riders must be under 11 years on 1st January 2015

Riders may rider a 128 pony or 138 pony in this competition

Height of fences is 60cm/under 9 years and 70cm/under 11 years.

The course of 8 fences with no double will be built for the league.

The final will have a double and be built at 70cm for under 9 years and 80cm for under 11 years.


(parents must be happy that their rider are capable of managing their animal safely before they compete in the ring)

Riders may ride two ponies in the competition and in the final.

Riders who qualify for RDS are not eligible for the final.



Louth County

South Leinster June Bank Holiday

Bolivor 14th June

Raheen na Gun

Ballyfoyle  28th June

Castlegannon  19th July



St Mullins


South County Final Sunday 2nd Aug


Other shows may be added to this list.  Please check out schedules on line and in bulletin.


Point system – 300 points to qualify for the final on Sun end Aug at South County Dublin Horse Show 2015 which is run in aid of the Special Needs Adult and Children attending St. Raphael’s in Celbridge, Co. Kildare.  Points awarded to pony/rider on temp ticket also but they can only go jump in the final when registered.


50 points for double clear

40 points for 1 rd clear & faults in second round

30 points for 1 rd clear and elimination in one rd.

30 for faults in both rounds 20 points for 1 rd with faults & elimination in 2nd rd.

10 points for attendance.

Temp Tickets may compete in the competitions and gain points but cannot jump for placings  in the final.


It is recommended that you and your rider join the SJI as a member so that you can avail of the 5 euro temporary ticket(for members), rather than 10 euro Temp ticket(non members) each week.  Pony may be registered at a later date before the final when you know if your rider is ready for competition.

Wishing all the new riders and their ponies the very best of luck in the Glencarraig Lady League.



Please remember that this competition is to encourage riders to enjoy their new sport, learn ring craft and make good friends.