Results of the Leinster Summer Tour at Ravensdale Lodge on 22-24th May 2015

26 May Results of the Leinster Summer Tour at Ravensdale Lodge on 22-24th May 2015





lady Ooh La La/Sven Hadley 00
Soviet Louvo?Manedez Pelayo 00
Cavalier Cruise C/ Pauline Twaddell 00
Millburren Rose/Lucy Stewart
Fabulux/Erinn Mc Cullagh
Killygarvin Playboy Lux/Alice Brennan
Sarco Pride/Sarah Burns
Manus Boy/Stefan McNulty
Double Bay/Karen Greer
Malbay Dreamer/Mary Mc Shane
Penelope M/Michael Murphy
Creevagh Ferros Diamond/Andrea McParland
Clarina Princess/Celina Moloney
Cruisines Spider Man/Billy Adrain
Carraigahulla Camiro Z/Katie Mc Grane
Ballyfree Luxalier/taylor Vard

Leinster Summer Tour 1.10- Ravensdale

1) Yukon Flash/Philip Hannigan 6
2) Vigo G/Beverley Irwin 5
3)Lady Ooh La La/Sven Hadley 4
4)Captain Tate/Amy Mc Verry 3
5)Sarco Pride?Sarah Burns 2
6)Vinday/Margaret Fullerton 1


Leinster Summer Tour 1.20 – Ravensdale
1) Cassana/Sven Hadley 6
2) Clagan Royale?Victora Brown 5
3) Auroras Diamond/James Kernan 4
4)Zion Cruise/Laura Brown 3
5)Kilmullen Coole Concorde 2
6)BLM Cosmopolitan Dandy 1

Leinster Summer Tour – LeinsterSJ_LST2 Pegus L.S.T.1.35

Ravensdale Lodge

1)Carla/Sven Hadley 10
2)Castleforbes Paddington/Nicola Fitzgibbon 8
3)R Candy?Kirsten Farr 7
4) Quanbell/Sven Hadley 6
5)Sallymount Touch of Clover/Fiona Campbell 5
6)La Bouvarie/Deirdre Reilly 4
7)Moon Zappa/Declan Mc Evoy 3
8)Catch me if you can/Fiona Campbell 2
9)Lotus SE/Declan Mc Evoy 1
10)Tullie Mor/Capt Michael Kelly 1

As there was no Amateur Class in this show due to enclemmand weather, this will be allocated to another show and will be posted on the website with the rules.