Punchestown Showjumping draws to a close for 2016

06 Jul Punchestown Showjumping draws to a close for 2016

If you could bottle the atmosphere, you would be on to a winner at Punchestown Showjumping League every Tuesday.  A fantastic team of workers set the show up every Tuesday, early in the morning and there is freshly baked food available on your arrival at the show.

Just a love of sport encourages these people to support showjumping when they are on their lean period after their fantastic festival and just before their autumn programme begins.

Today was the final day of SJI Showjumping for 2016 and it is amazing to see how many young riders and young horses  who came on so well over the six week period.  The clapping and cheering that went on for the finals to day will be envied by other show with top prize money on offer.

Well done to all at Punchestown.

SJI Final at Punchestown 80 cm
1st Cantos De Light/ Heidi Slott Jorgenson
2nd Hollywood Academy/Lynn Hudson
3rd Hilly/Lisa Doran

Punchestown Final for 80cm
1st Cantos De Light/Heidi Slott Jorgensen
2nd Hollywood Academy/Lynn Hudson
3rd Cu Culainn/Marie Halstead
4th Hilly/Lisa Doran
5th Hijinks/Jade Blake

SJI Final at Punchestown .90cm
1st Hijinks/Jade Blake
2nd White Autumn/ Heidi Slott Jorgensen
3rd Hampton Finest/Ella Kavanagh
4th Curraghgala All Star/Sarah Fanning
5th Derrynalicky Silvey/ Ruth Masterson
6th Bluelake Richard/Erin Byrne
Punchestown Final for 90cm
1st Cantos De Light/Heidi Slott Jorgensen
2nd Cromwellstown Caillindeas/Lucy Mc Carthy
3rd Bluelake Richard/Erin Byrne
4th Hampton Finest/Ella Kavanagh
5th Derryalicka Silvy/Ruth Masterson
6th White Autumn/Heidi Slott Jorgensen
SJI Final at Punchestown 1 metre
1ST Deerpairc  Disney/Michael Duke
2nd Marco Q/Jane O’Flynn
3rd Ace Nr T/Simon Beattie
4th Greenogue Lenny/Lucy Mc Carthy
5th Mr Tequila Dancer/Jane O’Flynn
6th Ballyvadd Tara/Erin Byrne
Punchestown League
1st Deerpairc Disney/Michael Duke
2nd Ballyvadd Tara/Erin Byrne
3rd Lotto/Marie Halstead
4th Greenogue Lenny/Lisa Mc Carthy
5th Marco Q/Jane O’Flynn
6th Bluelake Beauty/Erin Byrne

SJI Final at Punchestown 1.10cm
1st Sumas Duiske/Kayleigh O Dowd
2nd Iron Mike IPSA/ Aisling Carter
3rd Marco Q/Jane O’Flynn
4th Woodend Ditto/Jennifer Moore
Punchestown Final for 1.10cm
1st Woodend Ditto/Jennifer Moore
2nd Master Mc Cormack/Jane O Flynn
3rd Sumas Duiske/Kayleigh O Dowd
4th Iron Mike IPSA/Aisling Carter
5th Marco Q/Jane O’Flynn
6th Gales Hill Pippa/ Evelyn Moore

SJI Final at Punchestown 1.20
1st Master Mc Cormack/Jane O’Flynn
2nd Cidam Q/Ellen Murphy
Punchestown Final
1st Ace Bank Raider/Aishling Carter
2nd Master Mc Cormack/Jane O Flynn
3rd Woodend Ted/ Jennifer Moore
4th Cidam Q/Ellen Murphy