Mervue Equine Leinster Small Tours last leg is at Barnadown this Sunday at Leinster Championships

09 Sep Mervue Equine Leinster Small Tours last leg is at Barnadown this Sunday at Leinster Championships

Next Sunday will see the final leg of the 2019 Leinster Summer Small Tours 1.10 and 1.20cm. Below is the leader board for both Tours and if anyone has a query, please email Maureen,[email protected] before Friday next, so that we can check your query and reply. No queries on the day will be allowed as per the rules. Points and a half on offer on the day. Wishing all competitor the very best of luck in the last leg and thank you for supporting the Mervue Equine Leinster Summer Small Tour this season.

1.10cm Mervue Equine LSTTotal
Take a GambleSara Gorman(Pro am)16
Scarthill VivendiMarie Hartley(Pro am)14
GarraunfaddaJess Widger(YR)11
Cranny WestPaul Carbery9
Kilpatrick FredMarie Hartley(Pro am)6
Jandini Van De MoerenAoife Healion6
Freepark FlyerMeabh Byrne8
BenvidoRuari Alyward6
Hunters Lodge PuissanceAndrew Byrne(Pro am)6
Zara Van TerhofstedeKirsti Connoll(YR)6
Amber BalouAileen McDermot(Pro am)6
UniqueCharlotte Quinn6
Cloghera DaySven Hadley6
Castlelawn SplendidAntonette Burns5
Corlands ClipperLisa Doyle5
CalcordPaul Carbery5
Clashgannon«s Winning LegacyJade Lawlor5
SandballonEmily Moloney(YR)5
1.10 Mervue Equine LST Young RiderTotal
Garraunfadda Bo SonJess Widger11
Freepark FlyerMaoibh Byrne8
Zara Van TerhofstedeKirsti Connoll6
BendivoRuairi Alyward6
SandballonEmily Moloney5
UniqueCharlotte Quinn5
Tullibardw Petite BonnieKate Murray3
Madges Lane CapriceNano Healy3
Tykillen ImpactAnna Brown3
CassidoCiaran Filey2
Tullinskin SkyfallTimmy Keogh2
Master PeaceJennifer Byrne1
Chatworth DanielleOliver Penforld1
JippiePataire Crawford1
Pro am 1.10 Mervue Equine LSTTotal
Take a GambleSara Gorman17
Scarthill VivendiMarie Hartley14
Kilpatrick FredMarie Hartley6
Amber BalouAileen McDermot7
Hunters Lodge PuissanceAndrew Byrne6
Looks EasyBrian Cassidy5
Slaneyside Aldatus Flight(proam)Orla Cassidy4
Nadal QualityShaughna Thompson2
CavachiinoJemm Drennan4
Mervue Equine LST Small Tour(1.20)Total
Brandenview First EditionPaul Carberry15
Cranny WestPaul Carberry10
ogue Balinasilogue LadyTaylor Vard10
Shanagore LuckyAdam Caery6
Paco LiarNicolas Butler9
MoonhallCiara Browne6
Jessy van de HeidiSven Hadley6
GRS Lady AmoroPatrick Hickey6
MoonhallCiara Browne6
AvalentOlivia Roulston6
Zavatar FJack Ryan(YR)6
Colloo ColinJonathon Smith5
Super miss sueMichelle Kenny5
Annestown Clover ConcordeConor Costello5
Lucy PennyPaddy O Donnell5
NikeEddie Moloney5
Balumba ZCharles O Reilly Hyland5
Mior Patrick Joyce5
Artic LodgeOrla Cassidy5
Hunters Lodge PuissanceAndrew Byrne5
Leader BoardYR 1.20 Total
Shanagore LustyAdam Carey6
Zavatar FJack Ryan(YR)6
MoonhallCiara Brown6
AvalentOlivia Roulston6
Wienenn 111Olivia Roulston6
GRS Lady AmoroPatrick Hickey6
Mior CruisePatrick Joyce5
Cassies DreamCiara Kelly5
Lima FortunaConor Cassidy5
Annestown Clover ConcordeConor Costello5
Doire Mhanagh RebbbieEimear Murphy4
Leader Board1.20 Pro amTotal
Hunters LodgeAndrew Byrne6
Artic LodgeOrla Cassidy5
Bridgemans Olympc StarOrla Cassidy4
Ansford BraodwayDeclin McEvoy4
Garrison OBOSShaughnagh Thompson1
VeriDavid Costello1
Authentic Deirdre Doyle1
ZackVickie Anderson1

Rules for the Final of Mervue Equine LST Summer Tour 1.10 and 1.20cm

Mervue Equine LST 1.20cm Final

Winner gets 1500 euro, Mervue Products, Sash,  rug, rosette
Runner Up – 500 euro, Mervue Products  Rosette
Winner – Young Rider gets 250, Mervue Equine Products, Rosette,
Winner – Pro am gets 250, Mervue Products, Rosette,

Mervue Equine LST 1.1ocm Final
Winner of 1.10cm L.S. Tour -750 euro, Sash,  Mervue Equine Products, rug, rosette
Runner Up – 250 Rug rosette and Mervue Equine Products
Pro am – Mervue Products, Rosette 250 euro
Young Rider- Mervue Equine Products, Rosette 250 euro.

Riders must be at the show to receive their prize. Points and a half on offer on the day at the last leg. ie 9, 7.5, 6, 4.5, 4.5,4.5,

Wishing all the riders in the final leg of the Summer Tour the very best of luck 1.10 and 1.20 Tour. We wish to thank our sponsor Mervue Equine who cater for all animals including Equine for sponsoring this Tour along side the Leinster Region of Showjumping.

Dont forget pre entries on SJI website before 4pm on Thursday

Date for your diary ‘ Leinster Championships this Sunday at Barnadown. 9.30 start in arena 1 and 2. arena 3 at 11 am sharp

All competitors may competite in this leg of the Tour receive their prizes as per the rules.