Leinster well represented this week end in Showjumping – home and abroad

27 May Leinster well represented this week end in Showjumping – home and abroad

Nations Cup Team this week end – Wishing the Irish Nations Cup team competing in Lisbon this week end(Fri) the very best of luck especially our two Kilkenny riders Marian Hughes and Vincent Byrne.  Competing in  Lisbon are Trevor Breen, Anthony Condon, Michael G Duffy, Michael Duffy and Thomas O’Brien.

Aachen Rolex Grand Prix – Bertram Allen from Co Wexford  with his fellow country man Denis Lynch – they  can be seen competing in the Rolex Grand Prix  at Aachen, Germany on Sunday at 12.15.

Junior Rider, Killian Norris will compete this week end in Bonheiden , Belgium,


Sunday: Rolex Grand Prix 12.15 GMT

CSI 5*: Bertram Allen with Molly Malone V, Quiet Easy 4 and Wild Thing L; Denis Lynch with Abbervail Van Het Dingeshof and All Star 5

CSI YH: Bertram Allen with Cheese W Z; Denis Lynch with Chintan Z

Website – Venue: https://www.chioaachen.de


Jumping: Lisbon, Portugal – 3 Star – 28 – 31 May 2015

Friday: Nations Cup 18.00 GMT

Sunday: Grand Prix 15.00 GMT

Trevor Breen with Classic and Oldtown KC (ISH)(TIH); Vincent Byrne with Hannibal V Overis Z and Mr Rockefeller (ISH); Anthony Condon with Aristio and Balzac; Michael Duffy with Cortina 200; Michael G Duffy with Bocello, Felix XXVIII and Wilton John VDL; Marion Hughes with Can Ya Makan, HHS Nektarina B and Laith; Thomas O’Brien with Amaretto and Hector Van D’Abdijhoeve



Jumping: Mullingar, Ire

Competitors and Horses -30 May – 1 June 2015

Monday: Grand Prix 15.00 GMT

Ethen Ahearne with Electric Kiss (ISH); Vickie Anderson with Zack; Jonathan Andrew with The Hurricane; Greg Broderick with Golden Exchange (ISH)(TIH), MHS Automatic (ISH) and Rincarina (ISH)(TIH); Jessica Burke with Vitesse; Alexander Butler with Hallowberry Cruz (ISH)(TIH) and Monastery Stud More Pleasure; Edward Butler with Cornet Son and Small Hero; Aisling Byrne with Derrick and Quite A Bargain; Anna Carway with Ajaccio and Claricella; Gerard Clarke with Ardragh Stein (ISH), Rafiki (ISH) and Zanzibar V; Olive Clarke with Active Cruise (ISH) and Captains Call (ISH); Francis Connors with Erne Ladygoldilocks (ISH), Hyperion (ISH) and Uskerty Diamond Lady (ISH); Harriet Cooper with Lenamore Gideon (ISH); Daniel Coyle with Fanadwest Rebel (ISH), Uptown Girl and Zuidam; Jordan Coyle with Amigo VH Winkenshof Z and VDL Cassius (ISH); Capt. Geoff Curran with Mullaghbane (ISH); Frank Curran with Hawkswings (ISH) and New World (ISH); Sophie Dalm with Evita De Wulf Selection and Remake Lande; Melanie Davidson with Caspian (ISH) and Naughty By Nature (ISH); Edward Doyle with Mullaghdrin Touch The Stars (ISH); Roisin Fagan with Ikan (ISH) and Pocahatas; Kristen Farr with Jasper Bogibo Z and R Candy; Neal Fearon with Clim Bim, Dree Boeken’s Grossos Roeschen and Leanorth Boom Boom (ISH); Nicola FitzGibbon with Castleforbes Tina (ISH), Poker Des Dames and Westland Ruby (ISH); Susan Fitzpatrick with Cavalino, Isacorada and Ursula D’Amaury; Tracey Gallagher with Any Questions; Caroline Gibson with Legaland Harry (ISH); Kenneth Graham with Lenamore Donnatella (ISH) and Orbiting (ISH); Damien Griffin with Casstell (ISH), Dutell (ISH) and Tabby (ISH)(TIH); Sven Hadley with Carla, Cassana (ISH) and Quanbell; Robert Harrison with Holly Castleforbes; Seamus Hayes with Baricello W, Corphin and Twister; Adriano Healy with Trickin Around (ISH); Daren Hopkins with Mister Cruise (ISH)(TIH); Corinne Hyde with Lux Like Clover One (ISH); Capt. Michael Kelly with Drumiller Lough (ISH), Mullentine Loughgall (ISH) and Ringwood Glen (ISH); Mark Kinsella with DMS Impulse; Jessica Kuehnle with Chaitanya 2 and Fly Ligh; Tim MacDonagh with Beaute Van Herikhave, Point Two Elvis (ISH) and Tick Tock Tina (ISH); Emma Malone with Inspector Roscoe; Laura Mannion with Corbeagh Touch Down (ISH) and Touch Of Butler (ISH); Glenn McCullough with Sassy Cassie (ISH); John McLaughlin with Javas Wild Child (ISH); Kevin Mealiff with Castle Forbes Coleen, Castleforbes Talitha and Diablo Van Het Hoogeinde; Laura Mealiff with Ceoltoir (ISH); Christopher Megahey with Rickamore Royal; Peter Moloney with Ribanbelle Tame; Kelda Morgan with George (ISH); Robert Murdy with Bun Brook (ISH) and Urbi Et Orbi S; Emma Murphy with Apache VD Lange Vos and LSV Cruisante (ISH); Paul Murphy with Exelsoir Van De Noordheuvel; Gareth Nethercote with Harlequin Bay (ISH) and Mtn Limmerick (ISH); Lisa O’Dea with CSF Elmo (ISH); Kathryn O’Hagan with Unique Boutique (ISH); Liam O’Meara with Kenny’s Flight (ISH)(TIH), Mr Coolcaum (ISH)(TIH) and Realt Na Carraig (ISH); Billie Jean O’Neill with J Silky (ISH); Ger O’Neill with Dondoctro Ryal K, Garrison Lux (ISH) and Go For It 2; Alan O’Regan with Electric Feel (ISH); Suzanne Posnett with Maxim Van Overis Z and Queen Of Clubs; Lt. David Power with Dollanstown (ISH) and Rolestown (ISH); Charlotte Quinn with Unique; Jenny Rankin with Dento; Madeline Roberts Allen with Daroento VDL; Deane Rogan with Falco Van Spieveld and Gracia Van De Bucxtale; Olivia Roycroft with Westpalstown Lady; Jack Ryan with Cavalier Teaca (ISH); Wesley Ryan with Bernhard, Captain Kook (ISH)(TIH) and Quinar De Casinni; Vicki Sherwood with V Postbaans Quickalme; Saoirse Smyth with Little Miss Bungowla; Catherine Thornton with Derryinver Luxury Cruise (ISH), Lowhill Glenard Lad (ISH)(TIH) and Milano (ISH); Gabriel Tunney with Doug’s Diamond (ISH) and Lavish (ISH); Emily Turkington with Legend, Neat Kaiser (ISH) and Willem; Darryl Walker with Cushions (ISH)(TIH), Silvanah (ISH) and Vis Del Vergante; Sarah Wiers with Miss Mollie Malone (ISH)(TIH); Conan Wright with Arabella, Ard Golden Crisp (ISH) and Riverland Roi

Venue: https://www.mullingarequestrian.com


 Dermott Lennon with Colour Your Life

Venue: https://equestrian.sport.org.cn/


Bonheiden , Belgium – Juniors – 29 – 31 May 2015

 Competitors and Horses

Sunday: Grand Prix 11.00 GMT

Killian Norris with Donckervoort DH

Venue: https://www.csi-bonheiden.be


Bourg En Bresse, France – 4 Star, Young Horses -28 – 31 May 2015

 Competitors and Horses

Sunday: Grand Prix 14.00 GMT

CSI 4*: Darragh Kenny with Chin Quidam VDL, Cohiba VDL and Imothep; Mark McAuley with Tanita De Galeste

CSI YH: Darragh Kenny with Dirocco B; Mark McAuley with Uciano De La Botte


Lamprechtshausen, Austria – 3 Star, Young Horses – 28 – 31 May 2015

 Competitors and Horses

Sunday: Grand Prix

CSI 3*: Alex Duffy with Dancing Queen Z, WCE Cruco (ISH) and Wrangler II; Ciaran Howley with HS Contino and Sarasani 8; Paul O’Shea with Skara Glen’s Machu Picchu, Skara Glen’s Presence and Skara Glen’s Sienna

CSI YH: Alex Duffy with Dino W

Venue: https://www.horsedeluxe.at