Leinster Award 16th November at Celbridge Manor Hotel at 7pm

11 Nov Leinster Award 16th November at Celbridge Manor Hotel at 7pm

Leinster Showjumping awards 2018

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 Equestrian World, Maynooth, Primecourt, Showjumping Ireland

2018 Awards

  • European Junior Bronze Medalist – Harry Allen, Jack Ryan, Kate Derwin & Jason Foley
  • European Gold Medal Individual Junior. – Jason Foley
  • European Silver Medalists COH Team(Leinster) Isobelle Hughes Kennedy & Ciaran Foley
  • Winners of the 1st FEI Jumping Ponies Trophy at Jumping Mechelen 2018 – Seamus Hughes Kennedy on Cuffsgrange Cavalidam
  • Leinster New Heights Champion 1.50cm-Capt- Geoff Curran
  • World Young Horse Champion (5 yr old Bronze Medalist) – Michael Pender



  • Glencarraig Lady League Winner under 9 years – Alice Moloney
  • Glencarraig Lady League Winner under 11 years – Jamie Hargaden


 Leinster Champion Newcomers 128cm/ 40cm

1st –                 Max Galway/Cratloe Tommy
2nd(Joint)       Grainne Keogh/Miss Holly B:

Rachel Stack/Cuffstown Queen
3rd(Joint)       Jack Galway/Cratloe Tommy
Patrick Byrne/Crumpwell Blue Likey
Ted Fagan/Woodpark Raphael
Arthur Sheane/Ballycommon Silver
Ciara Lawton/Tullibard Little Legend
Emily Halford/Little Lady
Leon Van Cauwenberge/Hyper Pepsi

Leinster Champion Newcomers 128cm/ 50cm

1st(Joint)       Lucy McCarthy/Lenamore Jump for Joy
Ellie Rogan/Woodfield Surprise
2nd                   Lilly Sullivan/My Lil Rockin rox
3rd                   Abigail Byrne/Bryngennol Reflection

Leinster Champion Newcomers 128cm/ 60cm
1st                   Lucy McCarthy/Lenamore Jump for Joy
2nd                   Soirse O’Neill/Noble Sparkie
3rd                   Anna Moloney/Little Tayto

Leinster Champion 128cm/ 70cm
1st                   Jayden Duffy/Shin a Will
2nd                   Hillary Brannigan/Tullowcussane Morning Jewel
3rd                   Caoimh Treacy/Kinnegads Little Rocket

Leinster Champion 128cm/ 80cm
1st                   Jayden Duffy/Shin a Will
2nd                   Jamie Hardaden/Weydown Sunflower
3rd                   Nicole Brennan/Secret Minion

Leinster Champion 128cm/90cm
1st                   Jamie Hargaden/Weydown Sunflower
2nd(Joint)       Annie Boland/Coppenagh Viking
Emily Moloney/Moana
3rd                   Iseult Fleming /Miss Charming

Leinster Champion 128/ 1 metre
1st                   Anna White/Pablo V
2nd                   Lauren Adams/Ravara Mohawk
3rd                   Iseult Fleming/Miss Charming

Leinster Champion 128/ 1.10cm

1st                   Anna White/Pablo V
2nd                   Lauren Murphy/Taggarts Express
3rd(Joint)       Lauren Murphy/Moyralla Bob
James Derwin/Ballybrack Master Roan


Leinster Champion 138cm/80cm

1st(Joint)      Ciara Wafer/Knockbawn Lady
Jamie Hargaden/Windale Honey Bee
2nd                   Leeland Burtenshaw/Sir Timagain
3rd                   Isabelle Bolland/Golden Snip


Leinster Champion 138/90cm
1st                   Bridin Doyle/Corlea Star
2nd                   Ciara Wafer/Knockbawn Lady
3rd                   Kate Wafer/Kyle Hero

Leinster Champion 138/1 metre
1st                   Alex Reynold/Athenry Mint
2nd                   Bridin Doyle/Corlea Star
3rd                   Darragh Burns/Bob Bob

Leinster Champion 138/ 1.10cm
1st                   Aaron Costello/Jailsco
2nd                   Alex Reynolds/Athenry Mint
3rd                   Mathew Kelly/Galway Jetsetter

Leinster Champion 138/1.20cm
1st                   Max Foley/Mayfly Green Peter
2nd (Joint)    Aine Shorthall/Ruby Brown

                        Isobel Hughes Kennedy/Coppenagh Celtic Rebel

3rd                   Marta Hughes Bravo/Leiter Ben
Tim Brennan/Latoons Full Back
Max Foley/Top Silver Hastak



Leinster Champion 148/80cm
1st                   Brid O’Keefe/Harbour Millie
2nd                   Brid O’Keefe/Harbour Dame
3rd                   Mossie Murphy/Trickey Stephen D


Leinster Champion 148/90cm
1st                   Mossie Murphy/Trickie Stephen D
2nd                 Cora O’Donnell/Tequilia Ruby
3rd                   Annalise Cullen/Ali O hAodha

Leinster Champion 148/1 metre
1st                   Samantha Bretzer/Lishmar Timmy
2nd                   Claire Forde/KBL Milkyway
3rd(Joint)       Rory Kavanagh/Machnus D’Hyrencourt Z

                        Ross Dolan/Fair Prince Rooney

Leinster Champion 148/1.10cm
1st                   Davin Fleming/Rosie’s Bay
2nd (Joint)    Ciaran Byrne/Cuffsgrange Maybe

                        Robbie Healy/Kilteel Jimbob
3rd                   Jack Ryan/Tynagh Sam

Leinster Champion 148/1.20cm
1st                   Molly Ryan/HHS Chilax
2nd                   Ciaran Byrne/Cuffsgrange Maybe
3rd                   Conor Campion/Coppenagh Vogue

Leinster Champion 148/1.30cm
1st(Joint)       Molly Ryan/HHS Chilax
Holly Codd/Ballard Prince
2nd                   Aisling McGuinness/Calimero
3rd                   Caragh Charlton/Kosmo Van Orchid’s



Newcomers 80cm

1st                   Donal Milmo-Penny/Glencarraig Polo
2nd                   Michael Patrick Ryan/Kildare Diamond
3rd                   Sinead Nolan/


Leinster Champion 90cm
1st                   Louis Musgrave/Blackmoor Heather
2nd                   David O’Donnell/Ruby’s Dream
3rd                   Olivia Byrne/Georgie Bee

Leinster Champion 1 metre
1st                   Caroline Fleming/Silver Valier
2nd                   Laura O’Connor/Killerisk Emily
3rd                   Leslie Davey/My Clover Touch

Leinster Champion 1.10cm
1st                   Sara Gorman/Take a Gamble
2nd                   Jade Lawlor/Ardragh Express
3rd                   Patricia Woods/Crissaun Just Joey

Leinster Champion 1.20cm
1st                   John Floody/Donevan Erkindale
2nd                   Liam Deery/Emico DD

3rd                   Derek McConnell/Chomper Z



Leinster Champion 1.30cm
1st                   John Floody/Donovan Erkindale
2nd                   Liam Deery/Emico D.D
3rd                   Luke Drea/Chill Out Charlie

Leinster Champion 1.40cm
1st                   Sean Kavanagh/Trouville
2nd                   Charlie Staunton/Rumble in the jungle
3rd                   Stephen Murphy/Chantelle

Leinster Champion 1.40cm
1st                   Capt. Geoff Curran/Drumiller Lough
2nd Joint       Michael James Pender/HHS Burnchurch
Matt Garrigan/MHS La Scala
3rd                   Louis Gates-Hardiman/Erasmus vd Heffinick


COH, Juniors and Young Riders


Leinster Children on Horses Champion

1st                   Finn O’Hara
2nd                   Aimee Heavey 

3rd                   Domnic McArdle


Leinster Junior Champion
1st                   Jack Ryan
2nd                   Kayleigh Soden
3rd                   Daniel Fitzgerald


Leinster Young Rider Champion
1st                   Michaeli Ann Byrne
2nd                   Liam Deery
3rd                   Michael James Pender




Leinster Amateur Over All Champion  National Champion – Michael O’Neill

Leinster Amateur AA Champion – Sara O’Gorman
Leinster Amateur A Champion – Jacqui Boland

Leinster Amateur Summer Tour  

Amateur Speed Champion

Amateur Farmer Journal Champion – Peter Dargan



 Leinster Champion Horse – Donovan Erkindale
Leinster Champion Senior Rider – John Floody
Mervue Equine Leinster Summer Tour 1.35 – Paddy O’Donnell
Bertram Allen Young Rider Bursary – Thomas Foley
Mervue Equine LST Small Tour 1.20cm – Gavin Smith
Mervue Equine LST Small Tour 1.10cm – Andrew Byrne
Rookie of the Year – Susan Fitzpatrick
Leading National Young Rider(3rd Year) – Jack Ryan

Lifetime Achievement Award – Marily Power & Susan Lanigan O’Keefe




Tickets for the Awards night are available from SJI office for 45 euro Adults & 20 euro per child.