Important notice sent from SJI office for all members

15 May Important notice sent from SJI office for all members

Important Notice for All Athletes Competing in RDS Qualifiers – Please Read Carefully


  • Rules for the RDS Qualifiers are available on both the SJI and the RDS websites. Please read rules carefully pertaining to your class, the onus is on the athlete/parent or guardian/owners to ensure they are eligible to compete (ie points requirements etc)
  • Declarations for Ponies, Young Rider and Amateur qualifiers will close at 4pm on the Thursday preceding the qualifier
  • Declarations for Horse qualifiers will close at 4pm on the Friday preceding the qualifier
  • NO LATE ENTRIES will be accepted for ANY of the RDS qualifiers


  • With the exception of riders who are now in their 14th year, any rider competing in the Children on Horses classes must have a Children on Horses application form signed by a level 2 HSI coach and returned to the SJI office for approval. This can be found on the SJI website following the link below:


  • Please note riders competing in the 128 class must have their Mackey Bar 1 by the 30th of April. All other riders competing in Pony, COH or Young Rider classes must have their Mackey Bar 2 by the 30th of April.
  • Please see RDS rules for points requirements for all Ponies and Young Rider Horses