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05 Oct HSI Level 2 Coaches News

Twenty Level 2 Coaches Successfully Complete Qualification

    • 5 October 2016, 13:12

The HSI Level 2 Coach course 2016 concluded with cross country practical coaching assessments on Friday (30/09/16) at Spruce Lodge Training Facility, Co. Wicklow. A total of 24 candidates came forward for assessment this year with assessments running for 5 days from 26th to 30th September. The HSI Level 2 Coach course provides coaches with the necessary skills and technical knowledge to work as an independent equestrian coach up to elementary level dressage, 1.20m show jumping and CCI1* – 2* Eventing.

Due to huge demand, two Level 2 courses were run throughout 2016. The course began in spring this year with the first three tutor led days running consecutively. During these education days, all of the exercises were demonstrated and explained in each discipline to the relevant levels. This was followed by an attendance day at Tattersalls International Horse Trials earlier this year when coaches had a chance to walk the CCI2* course as well as observe and analyse the dressage under Tutor guidance. In June, candidates attended their Pre-Assessments lasting a further two days. Coaches brought their own horses and riders, capable of working at the required standard to coach one session in each of the three disciplines. They were given feedback on their coaching skills, identifying their strengths and weaknesses and clear advice and a pathway to improve.

Coaches continued their own professional development throughout the course duration on their own time, working with Tutors and polishing their skills before presenting for final assessment last week.

Coaches were assessed in dressage and show jumping by independent outside assessors and must have reached the required standard of competency in both disciplines before being assessed in cross country. A total of 20 coaches reached the cross country assessment stage with all 20 meeting the required standard in this discipline. They are:

  • Rebecca Chow, Co. Cork
  • Sinead Cooney, Co. Clare
  • Orlaith Delamere, Co. Kildare
  • Toni Donnelly, Co. Down
  • Helen Dempsey, Co. Kildare
  • Rachel Dowley, Co. Kilkenny
  • Simone Hession, Co. Sligo
  • Jane Kinsella, Co. Meath
  • Cathal Lynch, Co. Down
  • Aoife McCabe, Co. Galway
  • Sonya McCormack, Co. Kildare
  • Maeve McEvoy, Co. Tyrone
  • Kevin McGuinness, Co. Dublin
  • Kelda Morgan, Co. Donegal
  • Soraya Morscher, Co. Clare
  • Shota Niikura, Co. Cork
  • Paddy O’Donnell, Co. Waterford
  • Kim O’Gorman, Co. Wexford
  • Tomás Ryan, Co. Tipperary
  • Steven Smith, Co. Wexford

Further information on the HSI Level 2 Coach course is available here https://www.horsesportireland.ie/coaching/course-level-2-coach/

Alternatively, please contact Catherine Farrell at [email protected] or call +353 45 854512