Date for Glencarraig Final is Sun 27th Sept at Wexford Eq

10 Sep Date for Glencarraig Final is Sun 27th Sept at Wexford Eq


GLL Dates below

Glencarraig Lady League qualification points have been reduced to 200 points (due to the lockdown- some riders are at a disadvantage and may not get to qualify)

Coilog-Sat 12 th Sept.
Warrington Sat 12th Sept
Butterfly Farm 13th Sept
Coilog Equestrian Thr 17th Sept
Wexford Equestrian Sat 19th
Broadmeadows Sun 20th Sept

Butterfly farm 20 th Sept
Final at Wexford Equestrian Sun 27th Sept-

Final of the League -Wexford Eq 27th Sept.

Entry fee 25 euro at the final. Money goes to Roandale Daycare program at St Raphael’s Celbridge for Adults and children with Special Needs.

All rider/pony combinations start with “0” in the final.

Rider/ pony combinations may only jump in one age group competition either under 9 or under 11 years

Under 9 years- fences 70cm in final with a double. All clear round jump in the jump off.

Under 11 years

Fences 80 cm in final with a double.

All clear rounds go into the jump off.


Prizes 1st-6th under 9 years

1-6th under 11 years.

Rosettes and rugs to all winners

Other competitors in the final receive a medal and a Rosette.

On behalf of my family, May we wish all our riders the very best of luck in the Final.

Have fun.

Maureen Bagnall

Under 9 years

200 points to qualify

AngelHannah Rose Roche1005050  
Annamore Little OneOrla Cleary5050   
ArcherLouis Daisy Dalton904050  
Ballyburden BabyMark Byrne15010405050  
Ballyduff PaddyFiona White50 50  
Ballyknochan TinkerbellDonnacha Burns19050505040  
Ballymore Finn BobCharolette Butler5050   
Blaenpentre PatrickBridie O’Looney3030   
Breakfast Toast CocoMax DoranQ2405040505050  
Brookvale Royal ConsortAlice Steele1010   
Brookwater ActionmanLucy Kent4040  
Cabra shooting starSusan Brannigan905040  
Cuffstown QueenRachel Stack140504050  
Dancing CrystalAnnie Hughes Kennedy4040   
Deeper ShadeReuben Dunne18050305050  
Dewisant LoganSarah Ryan Delaney5050  
Ganaway BreezeMax Doran4040   
Glasmullin TristinRyan O Neill5050   
Horrizon StarBlanthaid Murphy16020505040  
Kilcoran   CarlosKarl Thompson5050  
Killeeany Limited EditionChloe DunneQ2304050504050   
Kilmacomma JosieLuke Thompson5050  
Kilmoylan JaffaKatie McCarville5050   
Kilmoylan JoeyMark Byrne                    19040505050  
Knocklock Kit KatEmily Pagan50 50  
Lenamore Jump for JoyEmily McCarthyQ2203040505050  
Lianiafanfawr BryanAlagail Byrne50 50  
Little DollyIsabella BatesQ20050505050  
Little Miss SassieAmelia Fitzgerald Whelan5050   
Little TatyoAnna Moloney19040505050  
LotsoLucy KentQ2505050505050  
McKayTommy Moloney18050404050  
Midnight SkyGrainne KeoghQ20050505050  
Mind your biscuitsAllana Hawkins3030   
Monserrete SeamistDonnacha BurnsQ20050505050  
My brown eye girlRachel Sheehan5050  
MysterixKate Moore10050 50  
Northern LadLauren Blake50 50  
Riverside GoldielocksLucia Keane5050   
SabrinaMax Galway6010 50  
Sandyhill OscarTommy Moloney10050 50  
SHL Little RocketEllen Cash2020   
Sparkling in the RainClaudia O Neill5050   
Star CedarRonan Duffy5050   
Sunshine SheltieMichael DunneQ2405050505040  
SwiftRachel Shehan19050505040  
The WooAva O’Neill804040  
Trigger VangloriousBlanthaid Murphy1005050  
Under 9 years    
Victoria PlumCharlotte Jane Ryan905040  
VladimirGrainne KeoghQ2404050505050  
Windale Honey BeeJack Hargaden10050 50  
Woodpark RaphaelCaoimh Murphy1005050  
TotalCoilogInistogueMullingarWexfordDunamagginWarringtonButterfly FarmCoilog 2Coilog 3Warrington 2Broadmeadows
winner of the u8 section of the glen carrig lady league leo dunne at south county dublin horse show 4/8/13 photo by tom evans
Ballyburben BabyMark Byrne5050
Ballyfree Tiger LillySienna Donnelly4040
Ballyknocken TinkerbbellDonnache Burn5050
BBS Primrose YellowLouis Masterson905040
Beyond PecisionLucy McCarthy150505050
Blue Star QuestCayleigh Collins5050
Bluestone GirlJack Murphy803050
Bobby joDavid Kent1005050
Breakfast Toast CocoMax Doran5050
Bubblegum BouncerFrancesca Williams Wenster4040
CappucinoClaire Nestor1005050
Charlie’s PrideSopie Mae Kerin5050
Deep ShadeRuben Dunne5050
Dewisant LoganSarah Ryan Delaney5050
Dun Dazzled DreamNano Creighton wd
Fabulous FeetJoe Widger5050
Garrydruig ZiggyJack Murphy1005050
Gleninag Inis DomAnnie Hynes5050
Horrizon StarBlanath Murphy5050
Kilmoylan JoeyMark Byrne1005050
Knockbawn LadyNiamh Wafer150505050
Knockmarshall BlackieEvan Carr4040
Lanner EyeHarriet Brady4040
LinafanfawrAgigale Byrne4040
Lisarulla CloudyEmily Wafer150505050
Little Dolly Isobel Bates100wd5050
LottoDavid Kent140405050
My Brown Eye GirlSophie Sheehan18030505050
MysterixKate Moore5050
Northern LadLauren Blake904050
Parcglass MagificoMichael Dunne5050
PeachesSinead McGrath5050
Picklespride Country PrideSinead McGrath5050
Red Hot PatootieMeabh Doyle5050
Riverdale BuzzRuby Mullins5050
Riverside GoldielocksLucia Keane5050
SebrinaMax Galway5050
SmokerSarah O’Dwyer5050
Sunshine ShelsheMichael Dunne100500
SwiftRachel Sheehan10wd10
Tellynau JamillaFia Mai guinan5050
Trendy TazGrace Carr5050
Waydown SunflowerLucy McCarthy5050
Waydown SunflowerLucy MurphyQ20050505050
Woodpark RaphaelCaoimh Murphy130405040
TotalInistogueCoilogMullingarWexfordDunamagginWarringtonButterfly FarmCoilog 2Coilog 3Warrington 2Broadmeadows

Dates for your Diary

27th Sept – Finals of under 9 years(70cm) and Under 11 years(80cm)

Qualifying dates that are left

Coilog 12th Sept
Warrington 12th Sept
Butterfly Farm 13th Sept
Coilog 17th Sept
Broadmeadows 20th Sept
Wexford Eq(TBC)

Finals at Sunday 27th Sept. 200 points to qualify