Leinster Showjumping Award Winners 2016 – Hurry up and buy your tickets

09 Nov Leinster Showjumping Award Winners 2016 – Hurry up and buy your tickets

mosie (glencrrig 2016)_0001-1



The Leinster Region are delighted to upload the final “Leader Boards” for our Showjumping rider’s.   We wish to honor their achievements in 2016.

The region will award the first three athletes in these leagues. The presentation will take place at the first ever Awards Night at the Louis Fitzgerald Hotel, Clondalkin on Friday 18th November.  The Leinster Region wish to congratulate all the winners and look forward to seeing them on the night.

H U R R Y   UP   AND      B U Y       Y O U R      T I  C K  E TS   – T H EY    A R E     G O I N G     F A S T

Tickets are available from:

Orla Griffin 0879738936

Sallyanne Tobin 0862681215

Tickets –  Adults €40 and children €20.





128 – 40cmcaroline and lilly sullivan

1) lilly sullivan(2023400) ON My lil rockin rox(9637112) 7

2)Jack Galway (2020602) ON Rossanure Oreo(9593388) 3

2)  Mosie Murphy(2016190) ON Dolly and Ellen(3122802) 3

3)Megan Hughes(2022336) ON Greenacres News Reel(9565841) 2


1)Jack Galway (2020602) ON Rossanure Oreo(9593388) 6

2)lilly sullivan(2023400) ON My lil rockin rox(9637112) 5

3)Daniel Tubbritt(2021964) ON Killard Zucolade(9574318) 4

3)Danielle Mc Cumiskey(2017558) ON Stonebridge Starlight(3103027) 4

3)Mai Monahan(2022667) ON Moelyparc Gold Gift(9636745)4


Alice Moloney on McKay

1)Alice Moloney(2019018) ON Mc Kay(4578494) 18
2)  Isobel Sheehan(2021697) ON Black Daisy(9636168) 12

3)Kiera McGrath(2021870) ON Millfield Daz(4719933) 8


emily moloney

1)Emily Moloney(2015683) ON Castletown Cyril(9606169) 59

2)Abbie Oakey(2019024) ON Cratloe Tommy(2992294) 50

3rd William Hannigan(2012799) ON White Rose Stardust(4682668) 33


128 80 Mia clarklin tanya smiths daughter

1)Mia Clarkin(2015652) ON Moyralla Bob(5374195) 69

2) Aoibheann Power(2015693) ON Back In The Black(5625308) 54

2)Cora O’Donnell(2022579) ON Thistletown Dinny(5081544) 54

3)Ava Dowley(2021916) ON Claughaun Jeff(3019840) 51

3) Emily Moloney(2015683) ON Castletown Cyril(9606169) 51


aoibhann power on baby blue in 128

1)Aoibheann Power(2015693) ON Baby Blue (USJI)(9635482) 106

2)Daragh Burns(2017539) ON Monserrat Seamist(3014185) 94

3) Mia Clarkin(2015652) ON Moyralla Bob(5374195) 74

128.- 1 metre

photo by Laurence dunne Jumpinaction.net

1) Daragh Burns(2017539) ON Monserrat Seamist(3014185) 146

2)Aoife Drea(2012204) ON Prince of Ashwood(5040331) 101

3)Emma Lawler(2015879) ON Miss Charming(2987582) 90


1) Francis Derwin (Jnr)(2008275) ON Essenar Jinja Ninja(4902658) 27

2)Francis Derwin (Jnr)(2008275) ON Buachaill Baire(4755755) 20

3)Marta Hughes Bravo(2014447) ON Little Miss Big Time(4478768) 15

128 leader board 09-11Final

Glencarraig Lady League

Winner under 9 years – Heather Byrne on Kilmoylan Joey

Under 9 GLL Winner

Winner under 11 years –  Mossy Murphy on Dolly & Ellen



Winner 138 -80cm

mosie (glencrrig 2016)_0001-1

1)Mosie Murphy/Dolly and Ellen
2) Niamh Flinter/Hamptons Flicka
3)Chloe Hendrick/Paudy Brown

Winner 138-90cAmy Heavy 138

1)Aimee Heavey(2013624) ON Shanbo Harvest Dun(9607537) 36

1)James Brennan(2018650) ON MHS Alaska(9603526) 36

2) Isobel Carey(2021782) ON Midnight Maxx(9576322) 27

2) Zoe Bolton(2018866) ON Tilly B(5375968) 27

3) Conor Wafer(2017514) ON Kyle Hero(9636411) 24

3) Katie Kinsella(2020504) ON Golden Snip(9636656) 24

3) Sean Cleary(2019040) ON Dawn Thunder(9636275) 24

138-1 metre

Amy Heavy 138

1)Aimee Heavey(2013624) ON Shanbo Harvest Dun(9607537) 110

2) Cornelius Brennan(2014181) ON Coomlogane Kojak(9574748) 101

3) James Brennan(2018650) ON MHS Alaska(9603526) 62

3)  Conor Campion(2014166) ON Le Puy en Velay(9605708) 62

138 – 1.10cm

Cornelius Brennan_Coomlogane Kojak_Winner_138 1m10
1)Cornelius Brennan(2014181) ON Coomlogane Kojak(9574748) 156

2) Patrick Kavanagh(2010714) ON Woodfield Rain(4575288) 78

3)Sarah O’Donnell(2009943) ON Baccardi(2842737) 77

3)Ciaran Byrne(2010693) ON Cuffesgrange Boomerang(4801304) 77

138 – 1.20cm

Max Foley1)Max Foley/Mayfly Green Peter
2)Caragh Charlton/Woodfield Superstar
3)Patrick Kavanagh/Woodfield Rain

138 leader board 07-11



Lealand BurtenshawBallymacady Banter
1)Lealand Burtenshaw/Ballymacady Banter
2)Rianna Magee/Kalahari Cleopatra
3)Caoimh Tobin/Tullira Fudge
3)Con Lowney/Kilpatrick Gwendoline

3)  Evan o Neill/ Seaview Jane

3)Samantha Bretzer/ Lishmar Timmy

3)robyn Payne  Nuan Oisin


Hannah Murphy
1)Hannah Murphy/Trickey Stephen D
2)Amelia Coyne/Captain Quilca
2)Ellen Kenny/Shirsheen Kylie
3)Seoirse Hayes/ Bearna Rua Jenny

148 – 1 metre

Hannah Murphy
1)Hannah Murphy/Trickey Stephen
2)Ciaran Byrne/Whisper
3)Catherine Byrne/Sir Fancy Pants


Jessica Foley in RDS
1)Jessica Foley/GV Fred
2)Jack Ryan/Revel Diamond
3)Libby Duff/Temple Hill Boy


ellen murphy
1)Ellen Murphy/Cillmhuire Cello
2)Jack Ryan/Sixmilewater Blaze
3)Patrick Kavanagh/Rock of Dawn

148 – 1.30cm

Jasin Foley 148 Leader

1)Jason Foley/More Clover
2)Oisin Aylward /Coppenagh Oliver Twist
3)Adam Carey/Stakkati

148 Leader board 07-11

(Please check the results on the leader board)



coh Leader Board 0711

Robyn Fagan on Holly Castleforbes . COH European Championships 2016

1)Robyn Fagan(2010322) 47 1

2)chloe fagan(2010321) 42 2

3)Elle-Mia Toner(2009978) 34

Junior Leader Board

mikey pender at WBC

1)Michael James Pender 314

2)Jack Ryan 219

3)Christopher Connell 184

Junior Leaderboard 08-11


Young Rider Leaderboard

nano healy

1)Nano Healy 171

2)Stephen Murphy 105

3)Niamh Barrett 91

3)Killian Norris 91

nano healy


Leading Horse

Billy Jean O Neill and J Silky

leading Horse 09-11

J Silky(4015196)  16

Leading Rider

john Floody and mise le meas winners of the spring tour gp at barnadown 3-4-16 photo by Laurence dunne Jumpinaction.net

John Floody


Horse Leaderboard 07-11

80cm Horses

1) Sarah Farnan(859461) ON Black Shade(5534042) 16

2)DEBBIE LARKIN(2018696) ON Broomfield Queen(4421012) 13

3)Lynne Hudson(1006126) ON Hollywood Academy(4556988) 12


caroline and lilly sullivan

1)Caroline Sullivan(853472) ON Rainstown Rosie Posie(4926120) 27

2nd Olivia Byrne(861052) ON Georgie Bee(4597383) 15

3)Anne Phelan(2010426) ON Meadow Flight(9570139) 14

3rd David O’Donnell(2018876) ON Shanaclough Diamond(3216866)

1 metre Horses

Jenny Clarke and Flashback

1)Jenny Clarke(1005542) ON Flash back (IHB)(9605441) 34

2)Caroline Fleming(855833) ON Silver Valier(4002022) 30

3)Cathleen Herbert(729124) ON Gurraun Sylvia(4332883) 28

1 metre 10cm

lisa doyle

1)Lisa Doyle(855032) ON Corland’s Clipper(9604363) 96 1

2)Jade Lawlor(1001203) ON Ardragh Express(4102968) 73

3)Jenny Doran(577092) ON HorsePlay Diamond Matrix(5289636) 59 3

1 metre 20cm

1)Feaha Moore(863110) ON Carraigh Samraigh(5241450) 81

2)Sarah Lang(853916) ON Kingdom Warrior(9587393) 57

3)Laura Snow(732036) ON Casper Van Ghyvan(4478716) 45

3)Lisa Gerbola Bushaway(2010168) ON Ballycarrick Lass(7009473) 45

1 metre 30cm

winner of the leinster summer tour at ballivor horse show sean kavanagh 12-6-16 photo by Laurence dunne Jumpinaction.net

1)Sean Kavanagh(863616) ON Dungar Clover Breeze(5286713) 103

2)Billie Jean O’neill(855436) ON J Silky(4015196) 84

3)Jenni Lamminen(1004241) ON Lowhill Glenard Lad(4573596) 70

1 metre 1.35cm

Holly Lenihan leinster league 1.35 award

1)Holly Lenahan(2008541) ON Welbeck(4929632) 30

1)Tholm Keane(586114) ON Future Storm(4831383) 30

2)Jenni Lamminen(1004241) ON Lowhill Glenard Lad(4573596) 24

3)Declan McEvoy(854540) ON BLM Cosmopolitan Dandy(4531736) 20

3)Gerard O’neill(813982) ON Easter Monday(9635796) 20


john Floody and mise le meas winners of the spring tour gp at barnadown 3-4-16 photo by Laurence dunne Jumpinaction.net

1)John Floody(757659) ON Ballyknock Diamond(4914813) 24

2)Gerard O’neill(813982) ON Dondoctro Ryal K(9605962) 22

3)  Vincent Byrne(853284) ON Mr Rockefeller(4326178) 17


mullaghbane vertical

1)Capt. Geoff Curran(545970) ON Ringwood Glen(4077196) 16

2)Anna Carway(2005366) ON AJACCIO(9607302) 10

2)Deane Rogan(822019) ON Falco Van Spieveld(9602532) 10

2)Neil Fearon(743488) ON Billy On Time(9636799) 10

2)  Wesley Ryan(858104) ON Larthago(9606669) 10

2)Alexander Butler(824623) ON Hallowberry Cruz(4347444) 10

2)Jack Bolger(1009316) ON Creevagh Ferro Cious(4305110) 10

3)Jason Higgins(1002071) ON Hadine Van’t Zorgvliet(9607153) 8

3)Marion Hughes(137856) ON Can Ya Makan(9603571) 8


Amateur A Champion  – Sharon Ryan

Amateur AA Champion – Aileen Mc Dermott

leading Amateur 02-11(a)

pat murphy

Amateur Leinster L.A.S.T. Champion – Patrick Murphy 25

2)Darragh McMahon 21

3)Lisa Doyle 20

LAST Leaderboard

Amateur Rookie of the Year -Darragh Mc Mahon



john Floody and mise le meas winners of the spring tour gp at barnadown 3-4-16 with maurice cousins photo by Laurence dunne Jumpinaction.net

jump in action .com

Leading Senior Rider – John Floody

photo by Laurence dunne Jumpinaction.net

photo by Laurence dunne Jumpinaction.net

Mervue Equine L.S.T. Winner- Francis Connors

jenny kuehnle leauge winner of the lst with sponser declan cullen of peagus 6/9/15 photo by Laurence dunne Jumpinaction.net

Karlswood Stables Bursary – Jenny Kuehnle

Deirdre Doyle presented with Ian Fearon Bursary for winning Pro Am section of Mervue Equine LST
Leading Leinster Pro am Rider – Deirdre Doyle

vincent byrne

National Grand Prix Series Winner – Vincent Byrne

winner and anna carway in barnadown spring tour15

Rookie of the Year = Anna Carway

mikey pender at WBC

Special Achievement Award – Mikey Pender -WBJC


The Paul Darragh Memorial Trophy – Ger O’Neill WBJC

photo by Laurence dunne Jumpinaction.net

photo by Laurence dunne Jumpinaction.net


Team of the Year

European youn riders after being presented with their medals

European Gold Medalist’s Team members 2016 – Max O’Reilly Hyland & Matt Garrigan

Jack Ryan on Pockahintas in Millstreet 2015

Leading Leinster YR – National Championships  

Jack Ryan


Extraordinary Initiative

Ronan Rothwell IBC

Ronan Rothwell


Lifetime Supporter Award


To be announced on the night

ger o neill

Photos of other award winners on the night

martha hughes bravo

Niamh Barrett

jack ryan being presented

christopher connell yr and yh winner

chloe fagan

Jessica Foley

James Brennan

photo by Laurence dunne Jumpinaction.net

photo by Laurence dunne Jumpinaction.net







isobelle sheehan

Niamh Barrett