Adamstown show is the place to be this Saturday 6th July

03 Jul Adamstown show is the place to be this Saturday 6th July

Adamstown Show Society are running a great schedule in Showjumping this week end(Sat.6th) catering for all levels of Showjumping from tiny tots to the open jumping. Mervue Equine Leinster Summer Tours will add an addition edge to the competition in the main arena. There is no place like a green field to jump your pony or horse on a sunny summers day with the local community out to support and enjoy the sport you love.

There is a great buzz around the three competitions with riders enjoying the fun of real rivalry in the 1.10 and 1.20 Mervue Equine Small Tours.The products presented by Mervue at each leg of the tour are coveted by all competitors and shows how highly regarded they are with all the riders.

Entries to the SJI for 1.35 Mervue Equine Summer Tour by 4pm on this Thurs 4th July.

Mervue Equine Leinster Leader Board 1.35cm so far

HTM BlackrockJohn Floody 18
Cruiserath FlexiannaEddie Moloney 18
Boleybawn ActorKevin Gallagher)YR) 10
Cruising LuxJonathon Smith 10
Donovan ErikindaleJohn Floody 9
ClarabelleFrancis Connors 8
Brandonview First EditionPaul Carberry 9
Fanta MTadhg Kearney(YR) 8
BML Cosmopolitin DandyDeckin McEvoy 8

Mervue Equine LST Small Tour (1.20 Leader Board

Shanagore LuckyAdam Caery 6
ogue Balinasilogue LadyTaylor Vard 6
Cranny WestPaul Carberry 6
AvalentOlivia Roulston 6
Zavatar FJack Ryan(YR) 6
Colloo ColinJonathon Smith 5
Artic LodgeOrla Cassidy 5
Balumba ZCharles O Reilly Hyland 5
Brandenview First EditionPaul Carberry 5

Mervue Equine LST 1.10cm Leader Board

Scarthill VivendiMarie Hartley 10
Zara Van TerhofstedeKirsti Connoll 6
Amber BalouAileen McDermot 6
Take a GambleSara Gorman 6
SandballonEmily Moloney 4
Corlands ClipperLisa Doyle 4
Looks EasyBrian Cassidy 4
Clashgannon«s Winning LegacyJade Lawlor 4
Coco BellaJenny O Connor 4
Sunnyside BoyDarragh McMahon 4
Freepark FlyerMeabh Byrne 4

NB Please note that 1.10 Class Event 2 at Adamstown show is part of the Mervue Equine LST Small Tour and is described in the Schedule as the Cooney Furlong 1.10 class.

Bannow Rathangan on Thursday 11th will host the next leg of the Mervue Equine Leoinster Summer Tour.

Entries to Showjumping Ireland by 4 pm this Thursday for Mervue Equine LST 1.35cm-