Leinster Amateur league 2021

The “Leinster Amateur Tour 2021” will consist of a series of legs throughout the Leinster region during the coming months, culminating with the grand final where the overall “Leinster Amateur Tour 2021 Champion” will be crowned! 

Lovely rugs and rosettes for all legs of the tour, with an overall prize fund of €3500 for the 2021 LAT.

Venues and Dates: (other dates/venues may be added – dates may be subject to change)

Killossery: 10th July

Inistioge:  11th July

Madeline & Jimmy Dooley Amateur Show Coilog:  31Jul/01 Aug

Irish Breeders Classic 29th August

Mullingar: Date 5th September

Coilog 11th September

Ingrid Kane Amateur Show:  18th September

***Final Ingrid Kane 19th September ****

Rules and eligibility for the final:

  • Each leg of the tour has to be run as a standalone amateur class
  • Any competitor who has competed at 1 round of the tour is eligible to compete at the final.
  • Riders from all regions are eligible to compete
  • A horse/rider combination is only allowed accumulate points at one show on any one day
  • Tour points will be awarded as follows at all legs of the tour, including the final and the league table points will be based on horse/rider combination

1st = 10, 2nd = 8, 3rd = 7, 4th = 6, 5th = 5, 6th = 4

Appearance at a leg of the tour = 2 points

  • If there is a tie for the overall winner of the Leinster Amateur Tour the highest placed rider on the day of the final will be deemed the overall Leinster Amateur Tour winner, same applies to 2nd place, 3rd  place, etc… 
  • There will be fantastic overall tour prizes for the top 6 horse/rider combinations of the tour and for placings 1 to 6 at the final. You have to be present at the final to be eligible for the prize – otherwise the prize moves down to the next person in line
  • Leader boards will be updated after each leg of the tour from results posted on www.sjilive/  and regular updates will be given on the Leinster region SJI amateur page       
  • Please note that it is the responsibility of the rider to keep a record of their points. Any queries in relation to points must be dealt with by email to [email protected] before the final leg of the tour