TRM Showjumper’s Club Spring Tour moves to Killossery this weekend.

10 Mar TRM Showjumper’s Club Spring Tour moves to Killossery this weekend.

Killossery will host this weekend’s leg of the TRM Showjumper’s Club Spring Tour – entries close at 4 pm on Thursday.

The second leg of the Challenge Cup will also be held at Killossery and this is a lot of fun following both the Amateur and Professional riders on their different teams. Who will win the Old Bawn Challenge Cup and all the prizes sponsored by the Showjumer’s Cup.

Sponsors of the Amateur Spring Tours

TRM Leader Board H & R

Brendan Murphy/Farno D’oryr18
Anthony O Regan/Holmoak Koln15
Adam Carey/Quinn Zyr15
Joanna Sixt/  Fini15
Brendan Murphy/Immun Ocean Ogarayr14
Sven Hadley/Topspin13
Susan Ftzpatrick/Keatingstown Skorphults Jokeryr13
Susan Fitzpatrick/Keatingstown Gotha de Baudignesyr10
John Floody/Donevan Erkindale9
Sam El Dahan/Wicked Enigma8
John McEntee/Stptex Stables Hipyr8
Eddie Moloney/Ardlamix Hero Z8
Luke Campbell/Corlioni8
Kayleigh Soden/Ard Leadermanyr8
Stephen Murphy/ChantelleYr7
Mark Finnerty/All Actionyr7
Robyn Moran/FelineYR7
Philip Carey/Diamantina D7
Michael Roche/Seaburg6
Edward Doyle Jnr/Billy Kat6
Philip Carey/Kamiro D6
Philip Horgan/Classified5
Ger Clarke/Honfleur5
Sven Hadley/Ganorad5
Kate Condon/Marble Arch Equine Ping Ballyr5
Brendan Murphy/Milchem Gorgeousyr5
Robert Harrison/ Mosstown Lils Angel4
Katie Condon/Interpreteryr4
Ger Clarke/King Lupin3
Eddie Moloney/Nikke4
Mark Finnerty/Ard LeadermanYr3
Susan Fitzpatrick/My Way GGyr3
Ashling McGuinness/Kilderry Joint Ventureyr2
Philip Gaw/Ardnacashel Coovella2
Yvonne Whiteside/Ecclesville2
Francis Connors/Erins Goldilocks2
Robyn Moran/Cushla FrydayYr2

TRM Showjumper’s Club Leader Board Young Rider

Brendan Murphy/Farno D’oryr18
Adam Carey/Quinns Z yr15
Immun Ocean Ogara(Brendan Murphy)yr14
Susan Fitzpatrick/Keatingstown Skorphults Jokeryr13
Susan Fitzpatrick/Keatingstown Gotha de BaYR10
Mark Finnerty/All actionyr10
Kayleigh Soden/Ard Leadermanyr8
John McEntee/Stptex Stables Hipyr8
Joanna Sixt/Finiyr8
Robin Moran/Faleneyr7
Michael Roche/Seaburgyr6
Brendan Murphy/Milchem Gorgeousyr5
Kate Condon/ Marbe arch  Equine Ping Ballyr5
Katie Condon/Interpreteryr4
Susan Fitzpatrick/My way GGyr3
Ashling McGuinness/Kilderry Joint Ventureyr2
Robyn Moran/Cushla Frydayyr2

TESORO Pro-am Leader Board

Brestrice Gates Hardiman3
Declin McEvoy/BLM Cosmopolitian Dandy2
Orla Cassidy/1

The Showjumper’s Club Team Challenge

Entries close on Thursday at 4pm for Killossery Lodge Spring Tour and the Challenge Cup.

Why not pick your favourite TEAM and follow them through the series.