Leinster Award Winners 2017 -presented this Friday night

21 Nov Leinster Award Winners 2017 -presented this Friday night

Leinster Region is holding their Annual Awards night this Friday at Celbridge Manor Hotel starting at 7pm sharp.  This awards night is kindly sponsored by Equestrian World Maynooth and the Leinster Region. Tickets still available from [email protected] or Maureen 0872635732.

Adults 45 and children 20 euro    –


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Leinster Region Awards 2017

Leinster Champion 128 Newcomer 40cm

1) Lily Sullivan 2)Lucy McCarthy 3)Robbie Sheehan


Leinster Champion 128 Newcomers 50cm

1)Lucy McCarthy 2) Lilly Sullivan 3)Holly Mulder


Leinster Champion 128 Newcomers 60cm 1)Lucy McCarthy 2)Lilly Sullivan 3) Noah Cahill 3) Alice Moloney


Leinster Champion 128-70cm

1)Alice Moloney 2)Hannah Willis 3)Kiera McGrath

Leinster Champion 128-80cm

1) Alice Moloney 2) Emily Moloney 3) Abbie Oakey Leinster

Champion 128-90cm

1) Roisin Burns 2)Anna White 3)Mia Clarkin

Leinster Champion 128- 1 metre 1

) Anna White 2) Allegra Hancock 3)Mia Clarkin


Leinster Champion 128 – 1.10cm

1) Lauren Murphy 2) Lauren Murphy 3)Emma Lawler 3)Jack Deegan 3)Marta Hughes Bravo 3) Mia Clarkin

Leinster 1Champion 38cm-80cm

1)Bridin Doyle 2)Katie Wafer 3)Mosie Murphy

Leinster Champion 138-90cm 1) Ana Ryan 2) Katie Wafer 3)Heather Byrne

Leinster Champion 138 – 1 metre 1)

Isobel Hughes Kennedy 2)Zoe Bolton 3)Daragh Burns

Leinster Champion 138- 1.10cm 1)

Isobel Hughes Kennedy 2) Daragh Burns 3)Aoife Drea


Leinster Champion 138 – 1.20cm

1) Francis Derwin 2)Max Foley 3)Cornelius Brennan Leinster Champion 148 – 80cm 1)Lara Ferrari 2) Carolyn Mathews 3)Abi Plunkett

Leinster Champion 148 – 90cm

1) Hannagh Murphy 2)Emma Stuart 3)Katie Colton

Leinster Champion 148-1 Metre

1)Hannah Murphy 2)David Lawler 3)Aimee Heavey 3)Colm Fitzpatrick 4)Katie Kinsella

Leinster Champion 148 – 1.10cm 1)Isobelle Boyd 2)Cornelius Brennan 3)Annalise Cullen 3)Jack Ryan(Phil) 3)Rose Dolan

Leinster Champion 148 – 1.20cm

1)Conor Campion 2) Molly Ryan 3)Holly Codd


Leinster Champion 148 – 1.30cm

1) Harry Allen 2)Kate Derwin 3) Jason Foley

Leinster 80cm Champion

1)Darragh Winters 2)Tracey Scuffil 3)Lynne Hudson 3)Martina Mulligan

Leinster 90cm Champion

1) Alejandro Bel 2)Cathleen Herbert 3)Mikaela Weld 3)Oliver O’Brien

Leinster 1 metre Champion

1)Christine Meymer 1)Shaunagh Thomson 2)Derek McConnell 2) Caroline Fleming 3) Cathleen Herbert 3)Patricia Woods

Leinster 1.10cm Champion

1)Lisa Doyle 2)Jade Lawlor 3)Sara Gorman

Leinster 1.20 Champion

1) John Floody 2)Ellen Murphy 3)Lisa Gerbola Bushaway

Leinster 1.30 Champion

1)John Floody 2)Paul Carberry 3)Luke Drea

Leinster 1.40 Champion

1)Nicolas Butler 2)Ger O’Neill 3)Jack Ryan


Pony Gold Medalist Team – Harry Allen, Abbie Sweetman, Kate Derwin, Ciaran Nallon. Seamus Hughes Kennedy

Gold Medalist Individual – Harry Allen
Paul Darragh Memorial Special Achievement – Cian O Connor
Leinster New Heights Champion – Nicholas Butler
World Young Horse Champion – Ger O Neill

Glencarraig Lady Under 9 years – Isobel Sheehan
Glencarraig Lady Under 11 years- Emily Moloney
Leinster COH Champion – Brian Kuehnle
Leinster Junior Champion – Jack Ryan
Leinster young Rider Champion – Lisa Gerbola Bushaway
Leinster Amateur AA Champion – Lisa Doyle
Leinster Amateur A Champion – Clodagh Fitzpatrick
Amateur Rookie of the Year- Johnnie Fitzpatrick
Amateur RDS Champion – Daniel O Shea
Leinster Champion Horse – Donevan Erkindale(Kevin & Gerry Thompson)
Leinster Champion Senior Rider – John Floody
Mervue Equine LSY Winner- Tholm Keane
Mervue LST 1.20 Champion – Stephen Murphy
LST Pro Rider – Marti Rudd
The Bertram Allen Young Riders Bursary Award – Jack Ryan
Leinster National 1.40 Grand Prix Leader – Tholm Keane
Rookie of the Year- Mikey Pender
Leading Leinster Young Rider National Championship – Jack Ryan
Special Recognition Award – Winner
Lifetime Supporter Award –  Eamon Murphy