Leinster Summer Tour 2015

02 Jan Leinster Summer Tour 2015

Leinster Summer Tour 2015 – Shows interested in being included in the Tour, please contact: [email protected] or [email protected]

1)The Pegus Leinster Summer Tour includes: Pegus LST (1.35), Leinster 1.20, Leinster1.10, Leinster 1 metre & Leinster Amateur Tour.
2)closing date for shows interested in being included is February 26th, 2015.

Conditions: Show must have Prize fund not less than :
a) LST 1.35 not less than 1000 euro per leg.
b) Each class may not have less than 200 euro in Prize money on offer(Amateurs Prizes in kind)
c) All sections of the Tour must be included in the shows schedule. (ie, 1.35, 1m, Amateurs)
d) Pegus LST 1.35 will be pre entry by text and there will be a starting order.