Leinster Summer Tour 2014 – Standings

01 Sep Leinster Summer Tour 2014 – Standings

Leinster Summer Tour Result 2014
1 metre 1 metre 10cm
1)Sarah Pottman Cullen/Arkana-500 euro Div)Sara Gorman/Take a Gamble
yr)Sarah Pottmans Cullen/Arkana – training with Denis Flannelly Div)Mark Murphy/Horseware Foxy
Ladies)Mary Flynn/Countess Rock – training with Alexander Butler Div)Mary Flynn/Countess Rock
over 35yrs)Mary Flynn – Shires Products in Hamper Div)Tim Mc Donagh/.Michlem Master
Div0 Maria Lanigan/Countess Rock
Div) Anne Lambert/Kinnick Bouncer
Div)Patrick Murphy/You Two Babe
Div)Amanda Hyland/Pakino
Div)Jack Hutchinson/Next flight
Div)Niccole Ross Watt/Cainby
Div)Paddy O’Donnell/Grovine King Cobra
a draw took place for young rider, lady’s and over 35 yrs  prizesladies – Sara Gorman – Training with Edward ButlerYr – Jack Hutchinson/ training with Peter O Tooleover 35) Patrick Murphy – Shires Equestrian Products – Hamper
1.20 Leinster Tour -€500 LST 1.35  Leinster Summer Tour
1) Ciara Morris/Tykilen 1) Peter Smith/Admiral Cassio
Leading Lady rider- Ciara Morris – Training Bursary to Neal Fearon 2) Eddie Moloney/Pashmina K
Young Riders-Mark Murphy-Training Bursary to Johnnie O’Connell 3) Ger Clarke/King’s Best
Over 35 yrs- John Floody – Shires Equestrian Products Leading Young Rider- Daniel Coylewinner of the Karlswood Stables Bursary