Leinster Summer Tour 17

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Mervue equine rules 2017

Layout 1

  • 1.35 Tour
  • Art 238.2.3
    • €1,500 Prize Fund for each leg of the Tour (1.35)
    1.35 – Pre entry to SJI Office by 4pm on Thursday before the show –  10 euro non-refundable deposit to SJAI.
    • Entry fee for 1.35 is not more than 35 euro ;
    • Rosettes will be provided for each leg of the Tour
    • Rug to the winner and Mervue Equine vouchers for 1st, 2nd 3rd
    • Top Young  Rider of each leg will receive a Prize from Mervue Equine – YR=points as per rider/ horses combination
    • Top Pro-am of each leg will receive a Prize. Pro am points for Rider/horse combination.
    • Riders may ride 4 horses in each leg.
    • Change of horse from start list permitted but not rider.
    • Points allocated in the Tour as per National Grand Prix, 10,8,6,4,3,3/double clear 3 points
    • Ground Jury & Course Designer as per Nat Grand Prix.
    Pro-am rider will receive 1 point for being placed top of Pro-am section on day. If placed in class, class points will be allocated.
    Top 8 legs will count for points.
    At Final Leg – Points and a half on offer for the last leg of the Tour.Winning Rider of Tour-€2000
    Runner Up (Rider)
    in Tour – €1000
    Winning Combination(Horse/Rider)-
    Winner of Young Riders – Bertram Allen Bursary
    – a week’s training with International Rider, Bertram Allen at his yard in Germany (no horse).  Flight & Accommodation included
    Winner of Pro am – Ian Fearon Bursary for Pro am Winner.  They will receive a Bursary with High Performance Coach, Ian Fearon

Mervue Equine Leinster Summer “Small” Tour (1.20cm)

  • Art 274.5.2
    €500 prize fund per leg
    Entry fee not more than €25
    Rosettes for Winner of Top Young Rider & Top Pro am.
    Points as per SJI for 1.20 class.
    Top 8 leg of the Tour will count.
    • Ground Jury and Course Designer as per Summer Tour.
    • Pro-am rider will receive 1 point for being placed top of Pro am section at each leg. If  placed in class, class points will be allotted only.
    Top Young Rider will receive 1 point or points as per their place in the class/ double clear.
    • Top 8 legs will count for points with each combination
  • Points and a half for final leg.

Winners of the Mervue Equine Leinster Small Tour (1.20cm)

•Horse/Rider Winning Rider of Winning Combination will receive 1000 euro/voucher from Mervue Equine/Rosette/Rug/sashes for winner.
• Runner up will receive 500 euro plus voucher from Mervue Rquine/Rosette..
• Young Rider will receive a voucher from Mervue Equine
• Pro-am will receive a Voucher from Mervue Equine

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MELST Equine LST 1.35 Pro am rider leader board290817

MELST Equine LST 1.35 Young rider leader board290817

MELST Equine LST 1.35 Leader Rider board Aug290817

MELST Equine LST 1.35 Horse&Rider 290817

Layout 1





Layout 1






Mervue Equine Finals

Results of this year's Mervue Equine Leinster Summer Tour 2020(1.35)1) Coolminga Inspector Royal/Robyn Moran 00 26.272)Valtor De Blagny/Cian Goggins 00 26.563)Thebestofquality/Darragh Ryan 00 26.944)Mohill Rosetta/John Mulligan 00 27.35)Hard to Beat/Elaine O,Neill 00 28.156) Erin Mountain Dew/Francis Connors 00 28.757) Clarton Clazou Z/Seamus Hayes 00 29.868)MHS...